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Health Remedies

Health Remedies

Health Remedies

Your health is very important to you. So you should always be conscious of your health. It is a fact that the planets, defects, and conditions of our horoscope are also responsible for our bad health. Every planet is responsible for some disease, and similarly, nine planets and diseases are classified as different forms. Are you frustrated with your bad health? Well, there are so many people in the world who are facing so many major diseases in their life and sometimes they also want to get the robust solution to get rid of these devices. Medical Remedies are also so much important for the good health but when we talk on the role of planets in your horoscope for the good health we can say that they are performing a major role in the in the good or bad health. Do you ever adopt astrology services for health remedies? If no then you should take these services because we are the leading astrology service provider for giving health remedies to the people. Don’t worry and just meet with us we are sure that we will able to health you.

Sun: Because of the sun, the person has to face a serious problem of the eyes Sun is high fever, heart disease, stomach and skin, bone fracture, diseases in the head and the cause of all previous diseases, the sun itself.

Moon: If we talk about the moon, it affects your brain very effectively. Many times the person has to face mental depression and mental illness with the wrong impression of the moon.

Mars: By the influence of Mars, scars, defective genitalia, muscular pain and all blood-related problems have to be summed up.

Mercury: Due to Mercury's weakness, a person has to face the most serious diseases, such as; Weak nurse, excessive hormone, scars, wounds, impotence, spinal cord problems and defective genitalia Mercury can also give problems related to chest and lungs.

Jupiter: Jupiter is responsible for severe fat diseases like excess fat, cold and cough, phlegm, liver problems, gas, and cancer.

Venus: Due to Venus you may face sexual dysfunction and skin disease, it is responsible for serious problems such as vision, diabetes, weak kidneys

Saturn: Saturn, anemia, cold, cough, respiratory problems, weight loss, constipation and weak additives. Saturn suffering in horoscope gives the health-related problem of the Karaka element. This planet causes deafness, blindness and paralysis pains and all blood-related- problems.

Rahu & Ketu: Rahu is responsible for the person's legs, neck and lung disease. Rahu can cause cataract, weak spleen and lung problems. The mysterious shady planet like Ketu can cause intestinal problems, ear disorder, abdominal pain and physical weakness.

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